Cloud Security - Keeping Your Business Safe And Your Customers Trust Intact 

Our ccSecurity Solution keeps your critical data safe, including your customers’ personal data, from DDoS attacks, hackers and other security risks. Our advanced protection measures make for a worry-free cloud experience. 

ccSecurity Solutions For Endpoint Detection & Response 

As a protection against business network threats, Endpoint Security Detection and Response inspects files entering the network through connected devices and then checks them against a threat information database. Why you need it? 

Next Generation Firewall Protection 

The Latest Protection For The Latest Threats 

Not all threats look and act the same, our next-generation firewall (NGFW) protection detects those in-your-face threats to your network, and the less than obvious ones operating in secret. The ccSecurity NGFW simply provides more layers of protection, keeping you more secure. In addition to providing features of traditional firewall protection, NGFW protection includes: 

Advanced Threat Detection  

Preventative approach that uses advanced techniques like machine learning to find and block sophisticated emerging threats. 

Content Filtering 

Filters web content and blocks access to malicious sites and content categories, helping to mitigate security risks. 

Intrusion Prevention System 

Detects and prevents threats by analyzing traffic for suspicious patterns or signatures, protecting against cyber threats. 

Application Awareness 

Identifies and controls applications, including encrypted traffic, allowing for more granular control over network traffic. 

User Identity Awareness 

Enforces access policies based on user identities rather than IP addresses, allowing more targeted security controls.  

Secure Remote Access 

Ensures remote access connections are encrypted, authenticated, and protected against unauthorized access or data breaches.  

Security Cameras

Watch Over What’s Important With ccSecurity  

Have you ever caught yourself worrying about what’s going on in your business when you’re supposed to be relaxing at home? We get it, protecting what’s important is not something you take a break from. With our ccSecurity camera system, you don’t have to, just check-in remotely through the system for some peace of mind. Security cameras help you: 

ccSecurity Solutions Help You
Prevent, Respond & Act! 

Security Solutions

From incident response planning to access control systems, security solutions are the crucial measures to keep your business safe. With the world heading further and further into the cloud, we’re opened to new threats that can be detrimental to your business. Having the right security in place to mitigate those threats is your first line of defense.  

Your Business Can Run Without Security Solutions – But Not Well, And Not For Long