Choosing Between On-Premise Phone Systems and Cloud Phone Systems: Here’s How

what is a cloud-based phone system

Choosing between traditional and cloud-based phone systems is a common concern among business owners and communication managers seeking to update their phones in today’s digital age. Reports show that 85% of employees use multiple communication devices to communicate at work, but is today’s workforce using the right tools to communicate efficiently?    From on-premise to cloud-based…

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What are VoIP Hosted Solutions and How Do They Benefit Your Business?

man using VoIP-hosted solutions

Telephones are the core of business communications. 93 percent of consumers want voice and text options when communicating with a business, and 76 percent prefer phone calls over any other channel when it comes to getting customer support. What does that mean, exactly? Well, if your system is outdated, laggy, or struggling to stay online,…

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